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Sold in a box of 50 NEEDLES. 

Lion Brand needles are Africa’s #1 and only Needle brand, they have been carefully and meticulously perfected over the past almost 7 years since the inception of Lighthouse Supply, we have worked closely with the same supplier over this time and have bettered their already amazing needles to what we believe is without doubt and guaranteed the most premium needles available in South Africa at the most affordable prices. 

Needles are EO gas sterilized and expiration dates are listed on the back of each blister pack. These are not stock items we buy and resell; each needle is specifically made for Lighthouse Supply to our specifications. 

 50 out of 50 needles Guaranteed. 

Our needles are XL-Taper and come in 0.30 & 0.35 diameter (more variations are in the works)

Round Liners are your conventional liners, we have perfected them slightly with smaller soldering and more needle, this creates better ink hold and woks with little more ease.  

Although these Premium Needles work best paired with quality tools, we don’t include skill, that’s your responsibility.