Premium Design RCA Cable with Red Phono Plug

Premium Design RCA Cable with Red Phono Plug

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This top-of-the-line silicone RCA cable is 8 feet long, and it has a distinguishable red phono (RCA) plug on one end. There's also a 1/4" jack mono plug on the opposing end of this RCA cable.

These are some of the best copper-tip RCA connectors available in the industry! 

The silicone wire in them reduces tangling, and are extremely lightweight. 

If you need a new RCA cable to power your machine, you won't find one better!



RCA Cable Length: 8 Feet

Plug Types: Phono (RCA)

Plug & 1/4" Jack Mono Plug 

RCA Tip is filled with top-quality copper for superior connectivity

Red Phono Plug makes cable easily distinguishable

Silicone wire is tangle-resistant